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Meet Dorothy - your travel pastry chef

Hi there! Have you got a sweet tooth for travelling? Me too! I'm 25 years old and I originate from Denmark. I currently live in Queensland Australia with my partner and together we wander. So if you're keen on some good advice, fun reads and travel inspiration for Australia & Europe, keep on reading!

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"Aussie" wildlife - crikey!

Ever desired to visit the great land "Down Under" - home to crazy crocodile-catching blokes and dangerous " Drop Bears". Well, I've been living here for 5 years now so I've discovered a few recipes for the perfect True Aussie Adventure! Check out my advices on how YOU can make the most of your Aussie adventre! (COMING SOON)

TOP 5 places for kayaking & snorkelling

Australia below sea level is just as magnificent as above. Millions of colourful fish, marvellous coral formations - so much beauty to sink you teeth into! But - often the "supposedly" best locations are not always the best. Read my TOP 5 places to snorkel in Australia you did not know about. (COMING SOON)

Europe - flavourbomb

Denmark (my home country), England, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany. So many different flavours within driving distance it will make your head spin - but which ones to visit? Learn more about my experience with the different countries and get ready to embark on a flavourbomb of a lifetime!

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